Tekmetric is Made By Shops Like Yours

We're on the road to get to know the people behind the shops that rely on Tekmetric everyday!
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When he set off to create Tekmetric, founder and CEO Sunil Patel had an ace up his sleeve: experience running his own independent auto repair shop.

Running a repair shop is the lifeblood of everything we do. It's that partnership between Tekmetric and the auto repair shops that leverage the platform daily, enabling us to build the absolute best tool for the job.

And we don't mind getting our hands dirty! That's why Tekmetric has hit the road, to celebrate the amazing shops, and the people behind them, that are dedicated to getting their customer's cars back on the road!

Tekmetric on the Road

Whether your shop is general repair, like brakes, fluids and check engine lights, or a specialized business focused on older European cars, there’s one thing that’s always the same: the amazing, critical work your shop does to get people back on the road!

And it’s your amazing shops that use Tekmetric that make all this possible. Just look at all the awards we’ve been winning because of our users, like you!

Because we’re always looking for ways to help support your shops, we wanted to see for ourselves how Tekmetric fits into so many different, unique businesses.

Turns out, they love Tekmetric just as much as we do!

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We’ll be visiting shops all around the country! Want us to stop by? Chances are there’s someone from Tekmetric in the region who would love to check in and connect!

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