Tekmetric Update 2.41 - Tech Pay

What’s New

  • Ability to pay technicians at the end of jobs instead of at the end of completed ROs
  • Refined technician reporting

New Options for Tech Pay and Reporting

With the new technician pay options, you can pay your technicians:

  • As they complete individual jobs under an RO.
  • As they complete the entire RO (existing functionality.)
  • After the RO gets posted (invoice is paid/sent to A/R.)

You’ll no longer have to wait until an entire RO is done to pay technicians.

Here’s how it works:

Set up Tech Pay by going to “Advanced Settings” and selecting “Job Completed.”

Tekmetric Update 2.41 - Tech Pay

Go to an RO in Tekmetric.

Tekmetric Update 2.41 - Tech Pay

Select individual job lines within the RO.

Tekmetric Update 2.41 - Tech Pay

Mark individual jobs as complete and pay technicians.

Tekmetric Update 2.41 - Tech Pay

Use Employee Reports to get a snapshot of technician workloads.

Tekmetric Update 2.41 - Tech Pay


Technicians can now get paid when they’re done with their part of the job, rather than having to wait for their colleagues to finish their tasks. Additionally, shop owners and service advisors no longer have to manually split up tasks within an RO—they can click jobs as “done” while adding the relevant technician’s name.

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