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Tekmetric Update 3.0 - TEKMETRIC LABOR GUIDE

Version 3.0 has arrived! And with it - the long-anticipated Tekmetric Labor Guide. Built from the most accurate data sources, you no longer have to scour the Earth (or leave Tekmetric) to find reliable labor times.

What’s New

  • Smart, integrated labor guide (with accurate labor times)
  • VIN decoding
  • Tekmetric maintenance schedule
  • Parts & labor reassign
  • Additional labor times

VIN Decoding

*Note: it is very important to make sure you have decoded your vehicle, including the sub-model and engine information to ensure the correct labor times for the specific vehicle you are working on.

VIN decoding is available to better find information about vehicles, and find parts and labor associated with the vehicle the shop is working on. The Labor Guide VIN decoding includes the following information to provide the best accuracy possible:

  • Engine + Engine Designation
  • Body Type
  • Drive Train
  • Transmission + TransMrfCode

Tekmetric Maintenance Schedule

The Tekmetric Maintenance Schedule allows shops to recommend work for customers when their vehicles reach different mileage marks. You can easily create jobs from the maintenance schedule by adding the labor and parts to the job, and clicking "create job".

Labor Guide's Additional Labor Times

The Tekmetric Labor Guide offers additional labor times that are applicable to jobs that shops perform such as brakes. These additional times are indicated by a green plus sign next to the labor hours.

Reassigning Parts and Labor

Tekmetric allows users to reassign parts and labor within a repair order. This enables you to quickly add parts and labor from portals or all at once and then propagate them out to separate jobs that make sense with how you want to present it to the customer.

After you have added all of the parts and labor to your repair order, you can reassign labor and parts by clicking the icon within the estimate tab of the RO.

A window will pop-up that will prompt you to reassign labor and parts within different tabs. Once you have assigned the labor and parts to the correct jobs, click the save button.


Service writers and technicians can now build estimates faster than ever. You no longer have to scour the Earth (or leave Tekmetric) to find accurate and reliable labor times. Additionally, you can add missing labor times to jobs that typically include ancillary tasks. Become more efficient. Make more profits. This is the Tekmetric way.