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Texas startup brings its tech platform to independent auto repair shops in Charlotte

A tech platform developed to help independent auto shops keep up with more tech-forward national chains is making its presence known in the Queen City.

Top 4 questions answered on how to find a shop management system

With the right back-end management system, you and your team can track repairs, communicate with customers and track real-time data on a vehicle’s repairs.

How successful auto repair shop owners adapted to COVID-19

Tekmetric found that three key factors that led to auto repair shops’ survival – and in some cases even growth – during COVID-19: larger repair orders, clear customer communication, and complete digital transformation.

Considerations for partnering with a shop

Tekmetric Co-Founder and CEO, Sunil Patel, gives his advice on improving your shop’s work with fleet vehicles in his guest article at Fleet Maintenance Magazine.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Shop Productivity?

Last June Ratchet+Wrench touched base with shops and auto industry... Armed with data from the Tekmetric Index (or TM-500), a new database... What repair business trends have emerged since the start of COVID-19?

Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper Partner with Tekmetric

Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper’s leading business-to-business ecommerce platform, MyPlace4Parts, is now integrated with Tekmetric.

Tekmetric Releases Its Own Integrated Labor Guide

Tekmetric has launched a smart, cloud-based labor guide that aims to make the process of building estimates easier and give users more accurate and complete labor times in real-time, according to a press release.

Section 179 for Auto Repair Businesses

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows business owners to write off the entire cost of a piece of equipment, renovations, or other assets in the first year instead of writing off an asset a little bit at a time over a five, seven, fifteen, or thirty-nine year period.

Tekmetric Launches Two-Way Texting

Tekmessasge is coming to Tekmetric. True two-way texting will be available to all Tekmetric users starting November 30. This feature will allow shop owners to have direct text message conversations with their customers.

BG Products Partners with Tekmetric Independent Shop Management System

BG Products has selected Tekmetric as its dedicated auto repair shop management software, which specializes in independent shop operations. Tekmetric offers digital vehicle inspections, estimates, repair orders, customer texting, inventory, & more.

5 Payment Processing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

We recently asked Lisa Coyle, Co-CEO of 360 Payments, to help us demystify card processing for shop owners. Here are the top five things she recommends to keep in mind when making your card processing service decision.

Leadership Principles for Shop Owners

Sunil Patel, Co-Founder of Tekmetric lays out some leadership principles for shop owners looking to improve their business. Recently recognized as Most Admired CEO of 2020 by Houston Business Journal, Sunil shares his personal tips to success.

Houston Business Journal Top CEOs

The Houston Business Journal announced its Most Admired CEO honorees for 2020. In selecting our CEO honorees, a panel of judges looked for characteristics such as contribution to company success, civic involvement, career achievement and more.

Auto Repair Moving Past COVID 19

Tess Collins, associate editor of Ratchet+Wrench, chats with Tekmetric on how auto repair shops can move forward after the Coronavirus.

Auto Repair ARO Pandemic Trends

Ratchet + Wrench magazine talks about Average Repair Order trends in auto repair shops during the 2020 pandemic.

Auto Repairs Shops Using 21st Century Innovations

Dave McClung, Master Diagnostic Technician, reveals what type of technology auto repair shops should be using to grow profits and stay organized.

TM-500: April 2020 ARO & Car Count Averages

Tekmetric Index shows interesting metrics on average repair orders and car counts for April 2020. Check out the article Ratchet+Wrench wrote and see if you agree.

Tekmetric to Exhibit at Kukui & ATI Free Virtual Conference

Tekmetric will be exhibiting at the Kukui & ATI virtual event, the 2020 Virtual conference, on April 30 & May 1. Entirely online and free using ZOOM.

How to Market Auto Repair Shops During a Crisis

The good news is while some shops may be experiencing a reduction in car count, the average repair order is increasing, Walker said, citing a study by Tekmetric.

How Giving and Receiving Benefits Auto Shops

"Our shop management system empowers our clients. They need to feel like they are more than just a repair order. We give them options to communicate with us on their terms: we can text, email, or call them about their repairs."

The Path to Recovery (COVID-19)

As states began to issue stay-at-home orders and the nation started practicing social distancing - auto shop management software, Tekmettric put on the Tekmetric Index to monitor economic trends and see how the industry was performing as a whole.

The Power of Support

"You gotta remember, auto repair is not a product people WANT to buy, so they don't care if you have a sale on auto alignments. But they do care if they're past due for an oil change."

Social Distancing and The Impact on the Auto Repair Industry

Frustrated with the amount of misinformation and “doom-and-gloom” that was cluttering his social media feed, Prasanth Chilukuri, co-founder and CFO of shop management system Tekmetric, decided to get the facts.

Business Benefits of a Proper Auto Repair Shop System

Starting in this industry can be very difficult if you don't know much about business ownership. Auto shop software like Tekmetric can help these individuals run their business effectively while also turning a good profit.

High-Quality Auto Shop Software

Using an auto shop software is a great way to keep your business as organized and professional as possible. Tekmetric is one of the most well-known companies in terms of the program that helps people to do digital inspections on vehicles and keep track of inventory.

Christian Brothers Automotive Selects Tekmetric

Christian Brothers Automotive scales its commitment to best-in-class service with a new shop management system, Tekmetric.

Medical Residency to the Auto Repair Industry

Sunil Patel was doing his residency in internal medicine in Detroit in 2005. During this time, he had to go in for an alignment at a local auto shop. There he met the owner who was a former radiologist. Sunil left the shop knowing he would finish his residency and open his own automotive shop.

Kukui Webinar Emphasizes Importance of Auto Repair Shop Metrics

Kukui's Jimmy Lea and Patrick Egan were joined by Stephane Grabina, owner of Excluservice; Bryan Gossel, owner of BG Auto and Tekmetric Co-founders, Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri to explore the difference between data-driven and 'data-informed'.

ASA Announces New Benefit with National Partner Tekmetric

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) announced that it is partnering with an industry-leading auto repair shop management system, Tekmetric. This new partnership will provide added value to all ASA member-shops nationwide.

Auto Repair Shop Management Software Designed by Shop Owners

Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri, founders of Motorwerks Autogroup, were never thrilled about the current offerings of shop management systems. So, they created their own. With a passion for innovation and the hope of saving fellow shop owners time and headaches, the team spent two years in R&D to

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