Your Next Favorite Technician: Tekmetric

We are Tekmetric, a cloud-based shop management system, looking to join your team as your shop management system to help your great shop get even better!

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If you had an employee keeping you back from closing more repair orders, securing more five-star reviews, and organizing your shop's data, how long would you keep them around?

Your old system is probably keeping you from directly texting with customers, building digital inspections, sending customers pictures of their repairs, and keeping you from boosting your shop's average repair order.

We are Tekmetric, a cloud-based shop management system, looking to join your team as your shop management system to help your great shop get even better!

With our contract-free terms, we empower shops and offer cutting-edge solutions to increase profitability and streamline operations.

Check out our impressive resume below and keep reading to learn more about how we can help your shop!

Hire your next favorite technician for only $2.49 an hour!

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Professional Experience

Our track record speaks for itself: shops that we work with see a significant ARO increase!

With cutting-edge software solutions, cloud-based expertise, and streamlined parts ordering, we optimize shop operations to increase profitability.

Features including:

  1. Digital vehicle inspections build trust with transparency by showing customers exactly what's wrong with their vehicle, and what needs to be replaced.
  2. Tekmerchant lets your shop offer alternative payment options, like text-to-pay and buy-now-pay-later, powered by Affirm and Klarna. Boost your ARO by up to 290%!
  3. Real-time reporting provides immediate insight into everything about your shops, from overall profit margins to parts inventory, to open or closed repair orders for the month, and so much more. 
  4. Shop workflows help everyone to stay on task and efficiently move jobs through to completion with less interruption. Stay organized and keep your shop operating at maximum efficiency.
  5. Tekmetric Multi-Shop makes it easy for owners to manage all of their locations as a unified business organization. Remove information silos and gain control of all your shops in one platform.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is the name of our game. We’re confident we will be a treasured addition to your shop. We can’t wait to work directly with every member of your team!

  • Shop Owners will love having all their shops’ information at their fingertips – better understand how the shop is performing, build out financial reporting, and implement the best processes to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Service Writers will love immediate access to the customer's history, parts inventory, and real-time data reports. Quickly create a repair order, attach the correct Digital Vehicle Inspection and related canned jobs, and obtain digital authorization to start repair work from the customer through email or by texting a quick link.
  • Auto Technicians will love that they can access everything from their phones, and how quickly they can get to work with inspection templates, easy-to-use repair orders, immediate access to labor guides, and a full view of upcoming work to plan their week.
  • Multi-Shop Owners will love the visibility they have into how shops are performing. Understand what work orders are being approved or declined, update shop processes, and understand customer satisfaction with integrations between Tekmetric and other marketing tools. 

Attention to Detail

Your shop can count on our commitment to data integrity and comprehensive reporting, empowering you to make informed decisions, while our digital quoting and invoicing elevate sales and enhance customer experiences. 

And we not only help your shops run as efficiently as possible but work to keep everything secure and safe as possible. Our attention to detail is all about protecting and growing your business.

Protect Your Shop Data

Security isn’t just for your physical shop. Owners should work to protect their digital assets and shop data, with security measures like password management and digital backups. 

Tekmetric automates processes and ensures data security. As a cloud-based system, we provide both accessibility to your data, with complete control and protection.

Access it anywhere, anytime you need it, and result assured knowing we’ve got it under lock and key.

Job History and References

Here are just a few of the shops we've worked with throughout our tenure. Learn more about how we’ve helped them grow their business!

Next Steps

We’re excited about the possibility of becoming a valuable asset to your team. 

With our expertise as a cloud-based shop management system and a suite of innovative features, we aim to optimize your shop's performance.

You are looking forward to the opportunity to work for you to unlock your shop's potential!

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