7 Skills Successful Automotive Service Advisors Need

Seven skills to look for while hiring and training highly effective auto service advisors.

7 Skills Successful Automotive Service Advisors Need
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Customers who bring their vehicle to your auto shop don’t know much about the nature of technicians’ work. They have to trust that the person they speak to about their car—the service advisor—knows what they’re doing and will treat them fairly. 

Your automotive shop's service advisor plays an important role in the overall operation and even growth of your business. The service advisor explains maintenance and service needs to customers, and answers their questions in detail. The success of your business relies on having the right people in these roles and supporting them with necessary skills training. 

To find the best candidates, look for people with potential or training in these areas: 

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1. Mechanical Aptitude Lays the Foundation for Success

The service advisor promotes communication between customers and technicians.

They need a background in mechanics and engineering to answer customers’ questions about their service in depth. The advisor also needs enough mechanical aptitude to read technical manuals or manage your parts inventory. Having technical skills helps service advisors satisfy customers. 

2. People Skills Enable Productive Colleague and Customer Interactions

Customer service is the largest part of the service advisor’s job. They talk to customers every day, help them understand what the technicians are doing, and explain the reasons work is needed. They also respond to customer complaints, so it is important to be able to handle unhappy customers respectfully.

When your service advisors provide a positive and transparent customer experience, your customers may cultivate a great online reputation for your business. 

3. Comprehension Skills Promote Efficiency

To help the customer and the technician communicate, a service advisor has to understand auto mechanics thoroughly.

They might need to figure out the difference between what customers are asking and the information they really want to know. Active listening and critical thinking help service advisors find solutions and strategize. 

4. Problem-Solving Skills Foster Productivity

Automotive service advisors must answer questions on the fly and make decisions fast.

When parts don’t arrive on time or customers have second thoughts about service requests, it’s up to the advisor to figure out the next step. The position needs someone with good problem-solving skills.

5. Effective Communication Skills Encourage Collaboration

Service advisors need great communication skills to translate what service techs say into language customers can understand.

They are a vital link between them. Good communication includes providing clear written estimates, so supporting your service advisors with an updated repair estimate template can benefit even your experienced staff members. 

6. Mathematical Proficiency Ensures Accurate Calculations

Automotive service involves math, so a service advisor needs good math skills to do the job. A service advisor needs to create estimates and compute totals.

It is also essential to be able to record all  calculations clearly and transparently to relay critical information to both customers and technicians. 

7. Writing Skills Facilitate Organized Record Management

An automotive service advisor needs basic writing and related clerical skills. They need to prepare estimates for customers and organize records.

Those records don’t have to be pen-and-paper in a modern auto shop. An auto shop management system can simplify the service advisor’s job. 

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A skilled automotive service advisor ensures your shop operates efficiently. Identifying important skills for service advisors can help you find qualified candidates or develop training goals for your existing team. Tekmetric makes it easier by streamlining the service advisor’s operations so they can concentrate on customers. 

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