Serving Generation CX: Leveraging Industry Trends to Transform Your Customer Experience

Using knowledge gained from your shop’s data, you can create an experience that is transparent, convenient and efficient.

Serving Generation CX: Leveraging Industry Trends to Transform Your Customer Experience
Head of Business Development
Originally published on:
May 22, 2024

As the auto repair industry continues to evolve, adaptability to changing customer needs is crucial to delivering a top-notch customer experience. When it comes to choosing an auto repair shop, customers are more likely to prefer a shop that is easy to do business with over the nearest shop. For the modern customer – an increasingly digital generation sometimes called Generation CX – the customer experience is paramount. One of the ways to curate an invaluable customer experience is to leverage the trends of today’s customers. Using these trends alongside the knowledge gained from your shop’s data, you can create an experience that is transparent, convenient and efficient.

Tekmetric’s Industry Index Report, pinpoints key trends around customer needs and expectations. In a recent webinar with Ratchet and Wrench, we discussed how you can use these trends to propel your business. By leveraging the trends within the report in conjunction with your shop’s performance metrics, you can tailor your approach to enhance your customer experience, drive revenue and ultimately boost your bottom line.  

Efficient operations drive revenue

Efficient shops create more revenue opportunities by completing repairs quickly and effectively. When you streamline your processes, you enable your team to accomplish more in less time, without sacrificing quality. Efficiency creates smoother customer interactions and reduced wait times. This translates to a seamless customer experience – a key driver of satisfaction and repeat business that drives profits and increases your bottom line. 

Several tools are available that can improve your efficiency, thereby helping you repair more vehicles in less time. For instance, Tekmetric’s Smart Jobs feature allows service writers to create jobs in just one click depending on the customer’s vehicle type by automatically pulling the correct labor time, sourcing the parts and applying relevant matrices based on the job selected. By reducing the number of clicks, your service advisors save time on creating repair orders (ROs). Instead, they can focus on answering customer questions and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Convenient communication increases customer trust

Today, there are over 250 million vehicles on the road that are more than 12 years old and will inevitably need repairs. On average, shops see customers twice a year – and the majority will seek a shop they trust. Transparency and communication build strong levels of trust, resulting in a significant impact on the shop’s overall performance. Clear and convenient communication with the customer about repairs can streamline the approval process in the short term, as well as increase your average repair order (ARO) in the long term.   

Customers expect clear communication and visibility in the repair process. One tool that supports these expectations is a digital vehicle inspection (DVI). DVIs allow your shop to send visual reports of inspection findings directly to your customers, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the repair process. DVIs can be shared via email or text, so your customer can conveniently access them and approve the work even when they are not physically at your shop. Through DVIs, a shop can share data in the form of photos and videos, encouraging customers to make informed, data-driven decisions. This digital tool goes a long way in building trust as vehicle owners can gain a deeper understanding of the repairs you recommend. Vehicle owners can prioritize the immediate repairs while also having a record of additional work, like a tire rotation, that needs to be done in three months.

Another way to build trust through clear communication is through two-way texting. This feature facilitates instant communication, enabling your customers to authorize repairs, ask questions or provide feedback in real time. For example, shops using Tekmetric can communicate directly with vehicle owners through two-way texts, even creating a repair order or appointment based solely on a text – no calls necessary! Customers know they can reach your shop anytime, from anywhere, and their needs will be met. 

Together, two-way convenient communication and DVIs significantly increase the likelihood of customers accepting your shop’s recommended repairs, increasing your ARO and ultimately driving revenue growth. 

Personalized customer experiences promote loyalty

Personalized customer experiences are another revenue driver. By adding a personal touch to the customer’s experience, you can go beyond the standard service offerings to create tailored experiences that bring customers back time and time again. 

One key aspect of personalized experiences is the integration of digital payment options, such as “buy now, pay later” or text-to-pay. According to the Tekmetric’s Industry Index, only 16% of shops have tapped into the potential of text-to-pay options – but these options have tremendous potential in building customer relationships. Tekmetric’s solution enables your shop to offer customers the convenience of digital payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or text-to-pay. This not only streamlines the payment process but also caters to modern consumer preferences, making transactions faster and more convenient. 

Additionally, “buy now, pay later” options powered by Affirm or Klarna allow your customers to get the repairs they need and pay over time, supporting their financial needs without negatively impacting your shop’s revenue. By alleviating some of the financial burden of repairs with “buy now, pay later,” you can better empower the vehicle owner to make an informed decision on repairs without breaking their bank. Tekmetric has witnessed the power of digital payment solutions: in the past year, 60% of customers at our partner shops were approved for financing, with 62% of them utilizing this option. The average transaction amount is $567 for card payments and $1,883 for "buy now, pay later" purchases on our platform.

Tying it all together to transform your customer experience

Efficiency, personalization and convenience are all traits that you can prioritize to maximize profit and create a noteworthy customer experience. Technology can do so much for businesses at its foundation, but taking it to the next level within the customer experience makes a significant difference. By leveraging technology to create a strong experience, you can set your shop up for success far into the future and measure up, by every measure.  

For more information, check out our recent webinar with Ratchet + Wrench, or reach out to our team to talk to a shop advisor.

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