How Canned Jobs Can Make Your Shop More Profitable

A shop management software with a built-in canned jobs dashboard will power your shop to run more efficiently so that you can increase your bottom line.

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There are some jobs that shops do day in and day out. With canned jobs, you can boost productivity and enhance your customers’ experience to create a more profitable business.

Repeat jobs are common in auto repair work. How often does a customer walk in and ask for something common like an oil change or a tune-up? Or does your shop specialize in one type of vehicle, and you're constantly handling the same repairs?

What if we told you we could help you build those most common repair orders in a matter of seconds? That way your service writers can focus on providing amazing customer service every time.

Because let’s face it, regardless of the job, your customers are relying on your team to provide the same quality experience they're used to in so many other industries. And if you own multiple shops, then your customers are expecting you to provide the same quality of service at each location.

Canned jobs make it easy for your shop to not only save time when building estimates and serving customers but also make it easy to provide a consistent and smooth customer experience -- in the end making your shop even more money by boosting your shop's average repair order.

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What Canned Jobs Do Shops Need?

How many repeat repair orders does your team do each week? Chances are you can think of at least three jobs that are created over and over.

If you’re able to create canned jobs for just a fraction of those general repairs, you’ll come in clutch for yourself and your team by getting lost time back. 

The repairs your shop creates canned jobs for is entirely up to you, but they should be based on the common repairs you provide. 

Whether your shop specializes in exotic cars, performs total transmission rebuilds, or just general repair work, oil changes, and brake jobs, you’ll want to create a list of canned jobs that are both frequent and replicable at your shop.

Common canned jobs used by auto repair shops include:

  • Diagnosis
  • State Inspection
  • Emissions Test 
  • Oil or Diesel Change
  • Tire Replacement 
  • Tire Rotation 
  • Alignment
  • A/C System Inspection 
  • Battery Core
  • Brake Repair

Four Major Benefits of Canned Jobs for Auto Repair Shops

You and your team work hard every day to accommodate your customers and deliver an exceptional customer service experience every time.

The goal is to make your shop's experience so simple, pleasant, and transparent that customers will feel comfortable coming back the next time their vehicle needs a repair.

1. Streamline Workflow to Boost Productivity

Investing in a shop management system with a full suite of easy-to-use features to create a simple workflow for repair orders.

With Tekmetric, you can tie canned jobs to Digital Vehicle Inspection findings to save time when building estimates for common work, enabling your team to focus on other tasks.

For example, your shop can create an inspection where any cooling system findings are linked to a “cooling system repair” canned job. If the inspection finds an issue, the service advisor can just click the canned job icon next to the finding to automatically populate the estimate.

2. Sell More Work

Canned jobs don’t just save you time, they help your shop sell even more work as well. For example, because we partner with BG Products, Inc., shops can easily include BG products with canned jobs.

And BG Products cover a lot of work.

Each time your shop creates a canned job, you’ll have the option to use high-quality maintenance products for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, and climate control systems. 

We saw that when shops started using BG Products in their canned jobs, they had a 55.93% increase in sales!

3. Provide a Seamless, Consistent Customer Experience

The canned jobs you create at one shop can be saved and transferred across your other shops.

So if you choose to expand beyond owning one shop, or if you already own multiple shops, you can create a consistent customer experience.

Especially when you add features like default inspections to ensure all of your locations provide the same level of care, or even using shared customer history across all your locations to provide a personalized experience.

4. Optimize Your Shop With Data

Since hop management systems touch every single part of running your shop, they’re also keeping track of everything you need to know to run your shop even better. 

More specifically, shops can track all sales data to gain accurate insights into what’s working – what leads to closed repairs – and what isn’t working – what leaves money on the table.

Get More Out of The Work You Already Do

Canned jobs are a secret weapon to maximize your shop’s profitability. Your team will save time during the parts ordering stage and the estimate building stage to keep cars moving through your shop's workflow.

And as a shop owner, you know any time spent on tedious tasks can add up fast. Shaving off time here and there will ultimately make your team more productive and efficient so that they can focus on bringing in more money and satisfying more customers!

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