How to Simplify the Checkout Process With Auto Repair Shop Invoice Software

Invest in the right auto repair shop invoice software to save yourself and your team time while making your customers’ experiences memorable and consistent.

How to Simplify the Checkout Process With Auto Repair Shop Invoice Software
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The right invoicing system will improve your shop’s workflow, save your team time, enhance your customers’ experience, and provide you with peace of mind.

While it’s important to focus on customer service and providing reliable repair work, your shop’s entire repair process, from beginning to end, should be consistent. If your shop has stellar processes for greeting customers, writing estimates, selling work, and completing work, you can stick the landing with a solid check out process.

If done the right way, your shop’s invoicing process will enhance the efficiency in your shop while leaving a positive, lasting impression on customers.

The invoices your shop hands out are a representation of how transparent your shop is. Your customers will gain visibility into exactly what they’re paying for. And the more they can understand an invoice, the more they can answer the question we’ve all asked ourselves when we’re customers, “Okay, what am I paying for?”

So, why not end on a strong note? Make your shop’s customers feel more at ease with easy-to-understand invoices.

Here are four ways to simplify your shop's invoicing process.

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1. Standardize Your Invoicing Process

A steadfast workflow should carry through from the moment your customer’s walk in to the moment they drive away. If your shop is using an on-premise auto repair shop invoice software, then you’re stuck at the main computer unable to leverage tablets or phones for greater flexibility. Having the ability to move around the shop is a huge advantage in the auto repair world.

Keep Jobs Moving With a Streamlined Workflow

Streamlining your shop’s processes into a simplified workflow help your team more effectively manage their current workload, but also provide the capacity to take on more jobs.

By investing in one cloud-based shop management system, every one of your shop’s processes can be synchronized so that you don’t have to rely on several different programs or a separate disparate auto repair shop invoice software.

Click Into A Repair Order and Send an Invoice  

When your shop’s technicians have finished all approved repair work, your service advisor should be able to see the work on a digital system. And with a shop management system that includes a built-in invoice feature, your service advisors should be able to send the invoice directly to your customer from that same interface.

2. Eliminate Tedious Tasks

By simplifying the movement of information from the estimate to the invoice, you can set your team up for success. With traditional methods, a lot of your team’s time is spent doing repetitive tasks, moving information over from one form to another.

When that information is first put into a digital system, it can be auto-populated for you and save your technicians, service advisors, and customers time.  

Default Inspections

With default inspections, shops can set a default inspection template that will be automatically applied to every vehicle that comes into your shop.

Service advisors won’t have to spend time searching for your shop’s standard inspection every time they build a new repair order. Plus, technicians will have a standardized inspection to work off of, ensuring that every vehicle is thoroughly inspected to the same standard with the same level of care.

This not only saves both your service advisors and technicians time, but it also helps to improve the accuracy of your inspection reports while delivering an exceptional customer experience, built on a foundation of trust.

Send And Receive Payments Instantly

With the right auto repair shop invoice software, your entire payment process should be easy—from calculating the balance due, sending it off to your customer, and collecting the payment.

Why force customers to pay you right at the time and point of sale? We're living in the future, and we're already paying for pizzas over the phone. Modern shop management platforms give your shop advanced tools like text-to-pay or buy now, pay later options so you can get paid instantly and easily.

3. Meet Customer Expectations

71% of customers have said that they genuinely want a consistent experience with a business, but only 29% say they get it.

And when it comes to auto repair shops, unfortunately, most customers don't have the best expectations. Cars are expensive, complicated, and noisy, and there's a lot going on under the hood that most people don't understand.

That's why it's so important for your auto repair shop to build that trust with your customers, to help them feel that your company is offering them truthful recommendations, not just upsells for a quick buck.

To build that trust with your customers, each aspect of their appointment should be consistent and dependable, down to how their invoice is presented.

Provide Your Customers With Options

Part of providing a noteworthy customer experience is giving them options. You’ll want to look for a shop management system that lets you see if customers are in the shop or have stepped away so that your team knows whether they should send them the invoice or talk to them in the lobby.

You should be able to send the invoice over text or through email. And if they want a paper copy, you should be able to print it straight from the software.

Show Future Service Recommendations

Another part of building trust with your customers is helping them remember when it may be time for maintenance work or an upcoming repair.

During the inspection process, a technician may find a budding issue like a belt or brake pads that are starting to wear thin.

While these findings may not require immediate attention, the service advisor should still be able to review these findings with the customer and give them the option to decline and save for a follow up.

Protect Your Business

With a built-in invoicing system, you can protect your bottom line, your margins, and your data. And like we mentioned before, with buy now, pay later options, your shop will even be protected from potential chargeback fraud.

Give your customers a modern experience

The right invoicing system will improve your shop’s workflow, save your team time, enhance your customers’ experience, and provide you with peace of mind.

Investing in an invoicing system is important, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a long-term fit for your business with the right foundation. That's why its critical to look for the right cloud-based shop management system.

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