Digital Repair Order Forms Help Your Shop Create a Modern Customer Experience

While traditional auto repair order forms have served as a reliable method for managing repair orders for many years, it is becoming increasingly clear that paper-based systems just won't cut it.

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The trusty pen and paper auto repair order form has been a repair shop staple for decades, and we get it. The traditional method is familiar, comfortable, and gets the job done.

A standard automotive repair order form usually isn’t more than a page or two. It contains vital information like the work to be done on a vehicle, any parts to be ordered, and a cost estimate of all the services to be provided.

While traditional auto repair order forms have served as a reliable method for managing repair orders for many years, it is becoming increasingly clear that they are no longer the most efficient or effective option available.

In fact, there are several ways in which the use of manual auto repair order forms may be limiting the potential of your shop.

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Old-School Repair Order Forms Should be a Thing of the Past

Auto repair shops typically use repair order forms to present customers with vital information like vehicle inspection findings, recommended repairs, parts information, and a cost estimate for all the services provided.

Traditional repair order forms are printed out on paper, typically only one or two pages, or even handwritten in some shops.

While traditional auto repair order forms have served as a reliable method for managing repair orders for many years, it is becoming increasingly clear that paper-based systems just won't cut it.

Everything today is digital, from paying your doctor to ordering a slice of pizza. Most customers just don't want to have to worry about paper receipts.

Even if they haven't realized it yet, offering a completely digital experience will be a game changer.

Provide a Modern Customer Experience with Digital Repair Order Forms

Customers feel the same way about paper receipts and paper estimates as most of us do about a glove compartment crammed full of paper maps: inconvenienced and overwhelmed.

With a cloud-based shop management system, independent auto repair shops can revolutionize their entire process of building, sending, and approving estimates in a way that encourages customers to complete those critical repairs.

1. Simplify The Entire Repair Order Process

Your customers lead busy lives and might dread coming into the shop because of the time commitment alone. Relying on a traditional auto repair order form process means taking up even more of their time by tying them to your shop with in-person authorizations and payments.

Typed reports are easy for everyone to read, minimizing the potential problems that come with difficult-to-decipher automotive repair order forms.

With Tekmetric, your shop's entire workflow can be streamlined to maximize efficiency. The whole team can hop on the same RO at the same time, driving teamwork and communication further than ever.

Remember: more time spent tending to prospective customers is more opportunity to say “yes” to customers. Help your team focus on the tasks at hand and get customers back on the road.

2. Add Visibility with Digital Vehicle Inspections

A picture speaks a thousand words. With digital vehicle inspections, you can write a story for the customer using pictures and explanations of any vehicle issues your technicians found. A handy color-coded system even lets customers know which concerns are most time-sensitive.

Simply telling customers their ball joint is loose might leave them wondering why it matters if they can't feel the impact when driving.  But showing them the massive play between components, torn boots, and dirty globs of grease will help them understand why the repair is worth the cost.

3. Text or Email Customers Directly

Customers want things fast, simple, and on their phones. When they're already texting their doctor, babysitter, or coworkers, why shouldn't they be able to text their shop when they drop off their car?

Well, now they can. With a digital automotive repair order form process, shops can text or email inspection findings, estimate forms, or even directly communicate and answer questions customers might have through text or email.

Tekmetric makes it easy and lets shops text directly from the app with their shop's landline number, so no extra phone services or phone lines to worry about.

4. Make Paying Your Shop Easy

Shops should look to take advantage of alternative payment methods when possible to provide customers with flexible service to simplify the payment process.

Whether you let customers text-to-pay directly from their estimates, or offer Buy Now, Pay Later options, your shop will surprise customers with the convenience offered, and have the opportunity to sell larger repair orders.

Not only does this make it easier for your customers, but Tekmerchant and our buy now, pay later options provide shops with the necessary protections, working to prevent any potential fraud from falling on your shoulders. You can relax with that peace of mind, knowing your shop will always get paid for completed work.

Streamline Your Auto Repair Order Form Process, Boost Your Sales

By digitizing your automotive repair order form process with Tekmetric, you can simplify your shop’s data, improve legibility, provide a full picture of each vehicle, and give your customers more freedom and convenience. 

Make the switch to a modern digital solution to drive your sales, your team, and your success.

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