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Reading reviews is a good way to evaluate different shop management solutions on the market. But there is a lot to sift through! Here’s our rundown of what to look for.

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When you start researching different shop management systems and reading through various websites and marketing materials, you’ll quickly notice that some are stronger than others.

We get that looking for a new shop management system can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options to wade through, and a lot of features you need to learn about. But most are probably of you are probably thinking “can this tool do what I need it to?”

To help you wade through all the options out there, the best way to find the right tool for the job is to look for information from the people using those tools every day. That means shop owners, general managers, service advisors, and technicians.

Of course, word of mouth is great, and it's always awesome to get the chance to talk to shop owners and workers in person at industry events, but you don't have to wait. With so many resources at their disposal, we wanted to help shop owners looking for a new shop management system leverage the wealth of information out here like online reviews, user groups, and case studies to help them make the best decision for their team.

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Finding the Best Online Shop Management Software Reviews

The best part about the internet is just how much information you can find! But you gotta know where to look. And while you might not be too familiar if you haven't made a software purchase before, we've got you covered.

G2 Reviews

The beauty of G2 is the dedication to creating a resource for business owners, managers, and workers just like yourself and your team.

Users, like shop owners, service managers, or even technicians, can log onto G2 and write reviews of their experience using different tools and platforms.

These reviews help G2 put together an overall score for each specific platform, making it easier for buyers to learn more about the tools they're shopping around for, before buying, with insight only from actual users.

We're a big fan of G2 in particular. And we can't lie -- transparency is part of our game-- we're a little biased… because of how much our users on G2 love us. Check out our highlights from the Summer and Fall of 2023!

Google Reviews

The most obvious source for reviews would be Google. Simply because the majority of people use Google to find and review businesses, they'll use Google to review their shop management system.

Just like how you'd look for reviews for your local pizza place, search the company’s name, and the reviews will pop up in the company’s business profile.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see the overall rating users have given the company, and can get more specifics by clicking on the reviews.

However, you might start to see why G2 is such a great resource. While Google reviews are the easiest to find, they’re not necessarily going to be the most in-depth.

Users will generally leave a sentence or a paragraph describing their experience without the larger context around who their business is, what their role is, and how their shop uses their platform.

Company Case Studies 

Auto repair shop software companies frequently publish customer case studies that elaborate on how their customers have benefited from their system, as well as how they’re using it. 

Case studies can give you the most in-depth information because they are based on detailed interviews the company conducts with its customers.

By reading case studies, you can identify shops that have had similar challenges to you.

Check out some of our own! Like the story behind Sam and his vision for The Garagisti.

See how Sam strategically leveraged Tekmetric to elevate his customer experience, yielding remarkable results in average repair order, customer feedback and more.

What to Look For in Automotive Repair Shop Software Reviews

Whether you turn to software review sites, Google, case studies, or a mix of all of these sources, there are several general things you should look for when you’re reading automotive repair shop software reviews.

What to Look For Why It Matters
Desired features in a shop management system
    Look for reviewers who mention specific features to guage the quality of the system.
Reviewer tenure
    Longer tenure generally means a better udnerstanding of the pros and cons.
Reviewer's job title
    Different reviewers (shop owners vs service advisor vs technician) will have different perspectives.
Likes and dislikes
    Knowing what reviewers don't like is just as important as what they do like.
Ease of transition
    Smooth onboarding is important to get up and running quickly and efficiently.
Customer support experience
    Good customer support is crucial for quick issue resolution and business operations.

Of course, there are some specific types of phrases you should look for as well, based on what you want to prioritize from a shop management system. Here’s a rundown:

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Next Steps for Finding the Right Shop Management System for You

After reading multiple automotive repair shop software reviews, you still might want to gather more information before you set up a demo with the company.

You can get that information from various sources:

  • Reach out to the reviewers themselves
  • Ask your existing network  
  • Join coaching groups
  • Read industry publications  
  • Follow shop management systems on social media

Protip: Try to look out for user-groups!

The Tekmetric User Group is an amazing resource for all things Tekmetric and shop management. This dedicated Facebook group is exclusively for current Tekmetric users, where they can provide feedback or ideas, ask questions and network with other shops. Plus you'll get extra insights on new releases and upcoming updates!

Questions to Ask When Searching For Automotive Repair Shop Software

After you’ve narrowed down your search, you might decide it’s time to schedule a demo with the team behind the shop management system you’re considering.

Here are some good questions you can ask during a demo:

  • “Who makes up your leadership team—any former shop owners?”
  • "What specific features do you have to help me boost my shop’s profitability?”
  • “What specific features do you have to make my team’s operations smoother?”
  • “Do you offer email and text notifications as part of your communication tools, so we can reach our guests more effectively?”
  • “How can I best save time at my shop by using your shop management system?”

During the demo, take notes and ask follow-up questions if needed. If you can, try and schedule a second demo with a few of your service advisors and technicians.

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